YouTube Personality Talks Beauty


Rosa Chang-Crespo, a 20 year old college student from Queens, has what some may call another personality, but not just any personality, a YouTube personality. With the boom of YouTube when it launched in early 2005, many people from Justin Beiber to Psy all became famous because of videos that they posted to the popular site. Rosa, however, isn’t interested in singing or dancing, she’s known as a Youtube Makeup Guru. “I started wearing makeup when I was 14 or 15, ever since then I’ve always wanted to get better at applying my makeup and experiment with new things”.

Rosa, known to her subscribers as “RositaApplebum” began her Youtube channel about 2 years ago on April 24th of 2011. Since then, her videos have been a hit to the makeup community on Youtube, with one of her videos reaching to over 50,000 views. “I didn’t expect such a huge audience for that video, it was a video on ‘What’s in my bag’, which is a popular Youtube tag that YouTubers do”. She has viewers from multiple countries all over the world but her top locations are here in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. She receives offers from makeup and fashion companies wanting to sponsor her, but she is currently not under contract and gets paid directly through Youtube based on the number of subscribers and views she has on her videos.

With the thousands of viewers and subscribers, Rosa doesn’t always get the response she hopes for. “Of course I get negative comments and messages, who doesn’t? Especially in the makeup community you’re gonna get a lot of insulting remarks that is completely out of my control”. Rosa, like many other YouTube personalities, even have fake accounts of subscribers pretending to be them. “I’ve had to report fake Instagram profiles and Youtube channels, but the worst one was a fake Tumblr account that many people believed was actually me.”

In the years to come, Rosa says she doesn’t plan on pursuing makeup as a career but that anything is possible. “I love making videos and being a role model to girls that are insecure. I love to remind them that makeup is just something to make you feel better about yourself, and that they’re already beautiful”.


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