My favorite place to be.


Whether my day consists of going to class, studying, going to work, cleaning my apartment, hanging out with friends, or even just relaxing and watching Tv, my day isn’t complete unless it starts here. 135th street and Riverside Drive. It is a 0.7 mile walk from my apartment door, which takes me approximately 12 minutes. I like to leave my apartment at 6 am so I can watch the sun rise at around 6:15, before running 3miles down riverside and then 3 miles back up.

This spot serves as my starting point and my finish line, and has been my own private stretching space for the last 8 months. It’s the perfect spot to look over the edge, across the Hudson river and into New Jersey on the other side. At 6am, the sun rise is absolutely breathtaking, almost like a wave of light that illuminates the river and brings life to a dark city.

I grew up in New Jersey, and lived there until I moved into the city when I was 18. I remember being in high school, when I used to run on the opposite side of this river and look into New York  and watch the sunbeams make their way through the tall buildings as night turned to day. It’s where I would look into this beautiful city and contemplate my dreams and goals of one day coming here and accomplishing them.  Coming to this spot is my motivation, it’s my daily reminder of where I am, and most importantly, where I came from.


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